About Us

 My husband and I have invested in a business, and in an industry, in which we are both very passionate.  We are quite particular about what service we receive when travelling.  Thus, we will make certain those who stay with us will receive no less than what we would expect ourselves!

I have many food allergies and as we adapted to my new dietary restrictions we became quite adept at creating alternative great recipes.


 We did it   we obtained a 9.8/10

internationally through


Customer Reviews Awards

  Thank you 

3 years in a row!!      #GuestsLoveUs


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The cleaning system that we use is ECO friendly and allergy friendly and so efficient that you would think I would keep it as a trade secret but.... I will share it with you and anyone interested in starting it themselves...

check it out at my https://siobhanbrodowski.norwex.biz

example flyer only

We are now offering a concierge service should you wish tickets to a show at the Art Centre or to an event, perhaps dinner reservations, bicycle rentals, paddle boards, jet skis... 

Services for a day/evening, 3-4 days, a week....

I can have you busy and exploring so many new things and seeing sights... let's talk dates and budgets.

Additionnal cost may apply for a complete itinerary of bookings and holdings.

A little more about us.


We enjoy various activities!  He likes to ski I like to SCUBA dive.  He loves to cycle and I like to zip-line.  One day, I hope to parachute; while, he would love to tour the Rockies via horseback...Come to think of it, I would love too.


I personally have several food allergies; thus, meal preparations took on a new life for me 12 years ago.  We have since become very well versed in preparing special menu items to accommodate gluten free, egg free, dairy free and many vegetables and fruit restrictions.  We are fortunate to have confronted  this on a personal level, making us more-than-qualified to prepare "culinary creations" for all our B&B guests with dietary restrictions.


We make up a blended family of 2 daughters each, and have 5 grandchildren between us, 3 girls and 2 boys.  I am an artist and have many artist friends.  We have art displayed throughout the Bed and Breakfast for sale should you see something that will be the perfect gift for someone or to decorate your own walls at home.


Our passion for this venture is what sets us apart,

for which you will clearly see the  difference.  

Come indulge in our "1000 Islands B and B" experience!